Speedi-Bleed Customer Feedback

Technician Approved

A "30 Day Try Before Buy" program was implemented where Speedi-Bleed was placed into 308 professional repair shops for a no obligation evaluation.

The Result? 83%, or 254 of the 308 repair shops that put Speedi-Bleed to a thorough testing, purchased and kept the product.

No other brake bleeder tool before or since, can claim such approval rating!

The list of satisfied Speedi-Bleed customers now covers the complete gamut of the auto repair industry:

  • Dealerships
  • Independent Repair Shops
  • Brake Shops
  • High Schools
  • Trade / Apprentice Schools
  • Do It Yourselfers

What our customers have to say:

"We are pleased to report that Speedi-Bleed has sold very well and has been popular with our customers....all customers continue to give it high marks."

Roy Evans (Owner)
Wakefield Sperling Auto Parts
Langley BC, Canada

"I have been very impressed with Speedi-Bleed as much as my customers have. It's a real easy tool to sell."

Rod Houle
Mac Tool Dealer
Vancouver BC, Canada

"Hey Guys. Just wanted to let you know that your Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder is totally awesome and was totally worth every penny. Your new regulator worked like a gem. I could not believe how much better it worked compared to a new original one. Whatever you redesigned is simply an outstanding piece of equipment."

Siddiqui Automotive
Coquitlam, BC, Canada

"Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I have to say it was unexpected and very much appreciated. Thanks for the excellent customer service."

Bob Cellucci
California, USA

"I have one of your brake bleeder tools and I flat wore it out, I love this tool can you send me parts. Please help me as my shop is LOST without your brake bleeder in operation. "

George Antoline
Auto Depot
Sequim, Washington

"I found that everything Hi-Lo Distributors says about the tool is true. It is fast, easy and more convenient than the old pressure bleeders I have used. We found the Speedi-Bleed to be a huge time saver when compared to other flushing and brake bleeding methods, and it requires only one person, unlike manual brake bleeding. We can now do a better job in less time and pass that savings on to my customers. "

Vince Ciulla (auto repair guide)
All Info About Auto Repair.com

"Nothing but rave reviews from everyone who's used the Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder, very, very satisfied with the tool."

Mike Sprowl (Tech Supervisor)
Lucas Varity Repair

"Go to: www.speedibleed.com . They sell an excellent do-it-yourself brake bleeder kit that's compatible with all Volvos. I bought one recently and it worked great. The instructions are easy to read and understand. You don't need to pump the brake pedal. It's a very effortless way of bleeding the brakes on any Volvo. I replaced all the brake hoses on my '56 PV444, after bleeding the brakes with the kit, the pedal was very hard and I had excellent brakes...no sponginess!! The reservoir is big enough to the point that you won't need to replenish the brake fluid before the bleeding is done. Furthermore, it takes less than 3 psi of air from the tire to do the complete job. The kit, if my memory serves me right, cost approximately $109.00. It's money well spent. "

Volvo 444 544 Forum

"I've used this system for years, works great for the DIY'er. Works well with ABS"

Benzman (forum member)

"I bought my Speedi-Bleed from HMS Motorsport in Marblehead MA. It's a very nifty contraption. I wouldn't bleed without it!! "

David Chamberland
Porsche 928 forum

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