Speedi-Bleed Customer Feedback

Technician Approved

A "30 Day Try Before Buy" program was implemented where Speedi-Bleed was placed into 308 professional repair shops for a no obligation evaluation.

The Result? 83%, or 254 of the 308 repair shops that put Speedi-Bleed to a thorough testing, purchased and kept the product.

No other brake bleeder tool before or since, can claim such approval rating!

The list of satisfied Speedi-Bleed customers now covers the complete gamut of the auto repair industry:

  • Dealerships
  • Independent Repair Shops
  • Brake Shops
  • High Schools
  • Trade / Apprentice Schools
  • Do It Yourselfers

What our customers have to say:

"Our technicians have been using Speedi-Bleed for the past 12 months with great results, they like the simplicity and the assortment of brake bleeder adapters that are available with the tool."

Dan Marko (Service Manager)
Dueck on Marine (GM Dealership)
Vancouver BC, Canada

"By the way, let me thank you for a great product. Speedi-Bleed works great for bleeding brakes. It had no leaks anywhere and it really made an easy job out of bleeding brakes. I have already recommended this brake bleeder to 2 friends who are very interested in it. It surprises me that I don't see more of these in use."

Ron Louzon
Woodstock, MD, USA

"I am looking for a distributor of your brake bleeder in my area. I have had the opportunity to use several other types of systems and Speedi-Bleed is by far the best and easiest brake bleeder I have ever used. I won't stop looking until I find one. Thanks for making a great product."

Jim Hunt
Minneapolis, MN, USA

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am...our brake fluid flushing and service has increased dramatically."

Dave Thiessen (Shop Owner)
Firestone Tire Centre
Canton, Ohio, USA

"Speedi-Bleed is awesome, just incredible! It has completely replaced the regular power brake bleeder...used 10+ times a day."

Jamie (Technician)
Midas Auto Centre
Surrey BC, Canada

"Excellent tool, we have 3 of them in our shop, they are always being used."

George Heer (Service Manager)
MCL Motor Cars (Porsche Dealership)
Vancouver BC, Canada

"We take our Speedi-Bleed™ Race Kit to the track all the time. We have loaned it out several times people can't believe how fast and easy it is to use and what a great job it does. Our lead mechanic took our Speedi-Bleed™ to the Daytona 24 hour and used it to bleed the clutch on a GT-3 Porsche when nothing else seemed to work, it saved the day and the car finished in the top 15 overall. Track side or in the shop , our Speedi-Bleed™ Race Kit allows one person to do a better and faster brake flush or bleed than our current pressure brake bleeder system."

Joe Marko (President)
HMS Motorsport (Racing parts supplier)
Peabody MA , USA

"I have been very impressed with the Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder and the results that it is delivering my customers."

Snap On Dealer
Vancouver BC, Canada

"I mostly work on Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans and some Domestic cars. I read a lot of good things about your Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder at IATN.NET WEB SITE. I need a tool I need it now, and will pay UPS Freight. This tool should be available with NAPA or some other popular store!!"

New Jersey, USA

"We found the Speedi-Bleed to work as advertised. It is a huge time saver when compared to other flushing and bleeding methods, and it requires only one person, unlike manual bleeding. This tool would be a valuable addition to any technician's tool box. It would also be a big time saver for the DIYer who wishes to maintain his brake system properly but doesn't have all day to flush and bleed the brake system."

Alan Trimble (Associate Editor)
BAT Auto Technical

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