Speedi-Bleed Customer Feedback

Technician Approved

A "30 Day Try Before Buy" program was implemented where Speedi-Bleed was placed into 308 professional repair shops for a no obligation evaluation.

The Result? 83%, or 254 of the 308 repair shops that put Speedi-Bleed to a thorough testing, purchased and kept the product.

No other brake bleeder tool before or since, can claim such approval rating!

The list of satisfied Speedi-Bleed customers now covers the complete gamut of the auto repair industry:

  • Dealerships
  • Independent Repair Shops
  • Brake Shops
  • High Schools
  • Trade / Apprentice Schools
  • Do It Yourselfers

What our customers have to say:

"Speedi-Bleed has quickly proven itself and has made traditional brake bleeding methods obsolete"

Dave Catton (Service Manager)
Eagle Ridge GM
Coquitlam BC, Canada

"I have been very pleased with your brake bleeder. It does a great job on my old Mercedes. I now have a "94" Dodge, Cummins powered Ram, that I would like to use it on. Thank You."

Steve Van Cleve
Washington, USA

"Hello! My name is Loni Howard and I am an ASE Master certified auto technician. I bought your complete brake bleeder kit through a Snap On dealer approx 6 years ago, and I love your tool. "

Loni S. Howard (ASE Master Technician)
Vancouver BC, Canada

"Simple, fast hookup and works great. I spent a lot of years twisting wrenches in dealerships before changing careers, and Speedi-Bleed is the best pressure brake bleeder I've ever used."

Car Space Automotive Forum

"After testing our SpeediBleed brake bleeder for just one week we knew we had to have it...thanks for the tool."

John Wallis (Shop Owner)
Goodyear / Fountain Tire
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Not only did we find the Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder to be very useful for brakes, but also on clutch hydraulics. We spent over one hour attempting to bleed the clutch system manually on a Mazda B Series truck, before grabbing our just received Speedi-Bleed, and performing the task in 5 minutes. The equipment paid for itself in the one job in the time saved. "

Michael McCain (Service Manager)
Metrotown Mazda
Burnaby BC, Canada

"I'm annoyed that I used my MityVac for so many years, Speedi-Bleed is much superior."

Dave M
Boise, ID, USA

"Speedi-Bleed is easy to use and rapidly became our technicians 1st choice brake bleeder when working on brake jobs."

Margaret Dolan (Manager)
Midas Muffler
Abbotsford BC, Canada

"Brake bleeding can be a real PITA and I've used every method imaginable and at one time or another. One of them would not work for whatever reason so I had to try a different tactic. About 12 years ago I bought a brake bleeder kit called Speedi-Bleed from my Snap On dealer and it's been a great tool. After 12 years of use I needed to replace a part just recently."

John S. (Forum Member)

"I heard about a new tool for doing brake bleeding and brake fluid flush. It is called The Speedi-Bleed Brake Flushing Tool. Now I have two power bleeders in the shop and, sad to say, they sit in the corner gathering dust because most times they are more trouble than they are worth. It takes forever to set them up and most times they leak because they don't have the right adapters. Most times they won't even work on a particular master cylinder. With its selection of 5 easy-to-use adapters, Speed-iBleed will work on about 95% of all the vehicles found in North America. This tool would be a valuable addition to any shop that does brake work. It would also be a big time saver for the DIYer who wishes to maintain his brake system properly but doesn't have all day to flush and bleed the brake system. "

Vincent Ciulla (Auto Repair Guide)
About.com (World's largest “How To” website)

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