Speedi-Bleed Customer Feedback

Technician Approved

A "30 Day Try Before Buy" program was implemented where Speedi-Bleed was placed into 308 professional repair shops for a no obligation evaluation.

The Result? 83%, or 254 of the 308 repair shops that put Speedi-Bleed to a thorough testing, purchased and kept the product.

No other brake bleeder tool before or since, can claim such approval rating!

The list of satisfied Speedi-Bleed customers now covers the complete gamut of the auto repair industry:

  • Dealerships
  • Independent Repair Shops
  • Brake Shops
  • High Schools
  • Trade / Apprentice Schools
  • Do It Yourselfers

What our customers have to say:

"Hi there, I just used your product and I am very satisfied with it. I'm a member of www.clublexus.com and I did a tutorial with your product here: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-4th-gen-2013-present/857736-diy-brake-flush-for-4gs.html Thanks for making a great product! "

Giovanni Damian

"We purchased our brake bleeder in December of 1998, and use it at least once a week. In our business where we typically purchase equipment that exceeds tens of thousands of dollars it is rare that we actually find a piece of equipment that not only meets but exceeds our expectations. I can honestly say that Speedi-Bleed is one of these exceptions. This product is without a doubt one piece of equipment that any repair shop doing brake service should own."

John Hubka (Shop Owner)
HC Auto Repair
Bryan, Ohio

"I had no luck getting pedal on a new, dry brake system I installed on my C3 Corvette Racecar ( Booster, M/C, Proportioning Valve, Lines and Calipers). The Speedi Bleed had the entire system bleeding in under a minute followed by a perfect pedal shortly after. Aside from being a great product, the customer service is very open handed. This tool and its creator saved me hours of stress and I look forward to sharing it with the rest of my crew. 10/10"

Damian Perry

"Speedi-Bleed is a time/labour saving tool that is absolutely necessary in today's competitive market"

Bill Vance (Service Manager)
Don Docksteaders Motors (VW & Volvo)
Vancouver BC, Canada

"I could tell from looking at your website, that Speedi-Bleed was a quality brake bleeder tool, and would be easy to use, but it was not until after I used it for the 1st time, that the true worth of the product became obvious." Very impressed and pleased with my purchase."

Walter Leibenzder (DIY'er)
New Westminster BC, Canada

"Speedi-Bleed has quickly proven itself and has made traditional brake bleeding methods obsolete"

Dave Catton (Service Manager)
Eagle Ridge Pontiac
Coquitlam BC, Canada

"As the former regional trainer for Midas International, I learned of your Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder used in the Midas shops in the Vancouver BC area. I received a couple of early prototypes to teach with and promoted your product through my regional training center here at Renton Technical College. I am happy to use it in my current position teaching for the Ford Motor Company ASSET program. Thanks! "

Brian Thompson (Technician Instructor)
Renton Technical College
Renton, Washington, USA

"Your Speedi-Bleed is amazing and light years ahead of other brake bleeder tools...it's a real winner, my students love it and so do I."

Jerry Truglia (Master Instructor)
MAC5 Licenced Technican Training
New York, USA

"I have been very pleased with your brake bleeder. It does a great job on my old Mercedes. I now have a "94" Dodge, Cummins powered Ram, that I would like to use it on. Thank You."

Steve Van Cleve (DIY'er)
Washington, USA

"I'm part of Ford Asset which is a 2 year Ford exclusive technical training program. During our class we experimented with many different types of brake bleeder. Not only to find the best one, but to find what kind of faults and benefits each exhibit. I believe we experimented with 7 or 8 ways to bleed brakes, i.e. pressure, vacuum & pressure brake bleeder combined, and out of all those, our class found Speedi-Bleed to be not only the easiest but the most versatile. For instance on some late model Ford Ranger's a technician can literally spend hours trying to bleed a slave cylinder on the clutch, but can be finished within minutes using Speedi-Bleed. The simplicity with which you hookup this tool and the adapters makes this brake bleeder the one to grab when the job needed to get done, and I think we can all agree that what's easy gets done. I told my service manager at Diehl Ford about Speedi-Bleed, as he was preparing to buy a $4500 brake bleeder machine. I told him it was waste of money and that your product was better, cheaper, and that he could buy more of them and still come out ahead in the long run if he went with Speedi-Bleed."

Garrett Husky (Technican)
Diehl Ford (Dealership)
Bellingham Washington, USA

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