Speedi-Bleed Customer Feedback

Technician Approved

A "30 Day Try Before Buy" program was implemented where Speedi-Bleed was placed into 308 professional repair shops for a no obligation evaluation.

The Result? 83%, or 254 of the 308 repair shops that put Speedi-Bleed to a thorough testing, purchased and kept the product.

No other brake bleeder tool before or since, can claim such approval rating!

The list of satisfied Speedi-Bleed customers now covers the complete gamut of the auto repair industry:

  • Dealerships
  • Independent Repair Shops
  • Brake Shops
  • High Schools
  • Trade / Apprentice Schools
  • Do It Yourselfers

What our customers have to say:

"I'm part of Ford Asset, a 2 year Ford exclusive technical training program. During our class we experimented with many different types of brake bleeder. Not only to find the best one, but to find the faults and benefits of each. We experimented with 7 or 8 bleeding methods, i.e. pressure, reverse bleed, vacuum, vacuum & pressure combined, and out of all those, we found Speedi-Bleed to be not only the easiest but the most versatile. The simplicity to hookup this tool and the adapters makes Speedi-Bleed the one to grab when the job needed to get done, and I think we can all agree that what's easy gets done. "

Garrett Husky (Technican)
Diehl Ford Delership
Bellingham, Washington, USA

"Your Speedi-Bleed is amazing and light years ahead of other brake bleeder tools...it's a real winner, my students love it and so do I. "

Jerry Truglia (Master Instructor)
New York, USA
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"We purchased our brake bleeder in December of 1998, and use it at least once a week. In our business where we typically purchase equipment that exceeds tens of thousands of dollars it is rare that we actually find a piece of equipment that not only meets but exceeds our expectations. I can honestly say that Speedi-Bleed is one of these exceptions. This product is without a doubt one piece of equipment that any repair shop doing brake service should own. I would not hesitate to recommend your brake bleeder to anyone, and challenge them to compare it to any other tool or method that they are currently using. "

John Hubka (Shop Owner)
HC Auto Repair
Bryan, Ohio, USA

"I used your product on my Lexus GS350 and was so pleased with the results, I wrote a product review & write-up at Club Lexus forum


Club Lexus Forum

"Easiest time I ever had bleeding brakes. Well worth the money. Great product."

Darren Medeiros
Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA

"I just wanted to say thanks! You have a great quality product at a very reasonable price. I've only used the Toyota adapter so far but wow, such a quality product!! I will now be able to add brake bleeding to my services generating more revenue for my mobile mechanic business!"

Paul Grizz
Z Performance Mobile Auto Service
Tustin, California, USA

"Speedi Bleeder is by far the best brake bleeder I have used. With my Motive Flow bleeder, every few minutes the pressure drops and I have to pump the pressure up in the bleeder. The Speedi Bleeder uses air pressure from a tire which maintains constant pressure. The brake reservoir caps sold by Speedi Bleed are made our of aluminum and none of mine have ever leaked, which is not the case for other pressure bleeder reservoir caps I have used in the past. "

Bill Reidy
Bayview, ID, USA

"Tool works great! "

Nathaniel Prcic - Instructor
Notre Dame High School
Calgary, Alberta

"Quite a slick mousetrap! A local shop quoted $125 to power bleed my Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix. I own a Toyota Sienna and the Vibe which is a rebadged Toyota and just acquired a Nissan. I bought both styles of adapter. Now I can service all three with $10 in new DOT 3 fluid and the first one will pay for the tool doing it myself! Two of my cars are overdue by 10 years now I can do it every 2 years with ease. Keep up the good work"

Matt Naiva
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA

"I was able to use K200B GM Brake adapter and bleed the rear brakes on my 1998 Chevy Suburban in a very short time when I got a bit of air in them while changing the master cylinder. I now have a firm pedal just like when the truck was new. The Speedi Bleed master cylinder adapters are what sets this bleeder apart from others. Customer support if ever needed is great also. Alan Robinson"

Alan Robinson

Villa Rica, GA, USA

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