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"Your Speedi-Bleed is amazing and light years ahead of other brake bleeder's a real winner, my students love it and so do I.”

Jerry Truglia (Master Instructor)

MAC5 Licenced Technican Training

New York, USA

"Simple, fast hookup and works great. I spent a lot of years twisting wrenches in dealerships before changing careers, and Speedi-Bleed is the best pressure brake bleeder I've ever used.”


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Pro vs DIY Bleeder

Pro and DIY kits will perform equally at the task of brake bleeding & fluid change. The difference lies in a few components of the pressure bottle assembly and addition of plastic tool case for Pro Kits.

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Pro Kit

1 - EPDM rubber air hose
2 - Brass tire nozzle
3 - Polyurethane hose
4 - Plastic storage case

1 - PVC air hose
2 - Plastic tire nozzle
3 - PVC fluid hose