How To Bleed Brakes

Speedi-Bleed Instructions

STEP 1 Remove brake fluid reservoir filler cap
STEP 2 Attach Speedi-Bleed adapter to reservoir

* Firmly & evenly tighten wing nuts (C100, C200, C300 adapters)

* Lubricate o-ring to ease installation (applicable adapters)
STEP 3 Connect bottle fluid hose to adapter

* Push bottle female coupler onto adapter male coupler
STEP 4 Fill Speedi-Bleed bottle with fresh brake fluid

* If bleeding / flushing all 4 wheels, fill bottle 80-90%
* Firmly re-tighten bottle cap after filling bottle
* Bottle can be pre-filled away from vehicle to prevent spills
STEP 5 Connect bottle air hose to tire

* Make sure pressure regulator is backed off before connecting

* Pro & Complete Kits - push air nozzle onto tire valve and twist
nozzle clockwise 1/3 turn to release and seal pressure
STEP 6 Set working pressure

* Starting with 0 psi, slowly adjust regulator to 10-15 psi

* Observe adapter / brake reservoir for any signs of leaks.
No leak should occur, but if so, lower pressure until leak subsides
STEP 7 Open bleeder screws
* Open for 10-15 seconds, or until fluid is clean and bubble free.

* A clear hose and catch container can be used to collect the old fluid

* If bleeding multiple wheels, do each wheel in sequence

Speedi-Bleed removal procedure

1. Adjust air regulator down to 0 psi
2. Remove air hose from tire
3. Disconnect fluid hose from adapter
4. Remove adapter from master cylinder reservoir
5. Replace master cylinder filler cap